Hi, I'm Bradley

A little about me:

I left secondary school in 2018 and during the 3 and a bit months of summer we got, I decided to get a job. I was 16 which was the minimum age to work here in the UK. My job was at an ellesse warehouse and I was tasked with picking orders, packing them, shipping and unloading the truck in the morning. These were shipping containers full of clothing.

Before then I have always been in IT. It all started around 2012/13 when we moved abroad to India and I went to a school with a BYOD policy. Being 13 and having the internet at my finger tips I spent most of my time looking at how the internet worked, networking and things like servers. Mainly Windows at the time but that changed when I realised that you need to pay for a license. not cool! Eventually I managed to get IIS working on my laptop so I started playing with building a really shitty page with useful links ans stuff I could refer back to (because using a bookmark is too simple) it had a login page and that was about it. Eventually I moved on to learning Ubuntu, at the time it was 13.04 I think.

Sadly my grades were slipping as I spent most of the time playing around opposed to actually working so my account was restricted. I got around this by having a raspberry pi plugged in behind a TV in our home room and then run openvpn on it and connect to that during school as the Ethernet network didn't require you to sign in like the wifi. odd!

But since then I knew I wanted to go in to IT. 100% it was my passion. I spent many hours watching videos on youtube about data centres and servers and peoples home-labs. I think it was at this point that I decided that I wanted a server.

After moving back to the UK in 2015, I had to go back to an old fashioned school. This did not stop be. I had breached my schools security many times and by the end of my time in 2018, my account was blocked. Not sure what they thought that would do when they had accounts wide open but A* for effort I guess!
Seeing as I really wanted to get in to IT, I managed to scrounge a computer off someone witha round 8gb of ram and a killer 2 cores. I put this in to my ghettorack that you can see here I think that lasted around a year. Not 100% sure. It needed to go!

That brings us to 2018 with my job at the warehouse. I saved every penny from that job and purchased a few servers, server rack and cisco switch. The start of the official homelab!

After I exhausted my bank account, summer was over. Time to go back to education as you need to stay in education till you're 18 in the UK. I applied to the local college to do a level 3 Btec in IT. I don't mean to blow my own horn, but I knew everything they were teaching. I was bored so as usual, I started poking around at their network. I managed to get access to one the college's switches and decided to leave it. I need this. Bored and tired. That was my month till I found an apprenticeship in December. I applied on the 31st at 4:59 AM as I clearly didn't feel like sleeping. Luckily, unlike the many many companies I had applied to before them, they took me on. I started January the 21st 2019. It was awesome. I finally had a job in IT! I spent a year and 4 months there working with Office 365, Spamtitan, Veeam, machpanel, Mailstore, Citrix, hosted exchange, Email migration, server support and your generic welpdesk support. Sadly for me the work place dynamic was not what I was looking for, so I started looking for a new job as I wanted to progress more, but felt I was stagnated. Anyhoo, I was contacted on LinkedIn by a cloud migration, support and maintenance company.

I had 2 interviews, one video and one phone and was accepted to work! Woo!!

Now mind you, I am not the best at the cloud but have around 3-4 years linux experience, so what ever is thrown at me I can figure it out! So far I've been working on CIS, which seems to be a never ending can of worms. I love it.

Enough about my work life; more about me

Simply put i'm your generic teenager, lazy, never leaves his computer, skateboards all over the place. That's it really.

In all honesty my personal life is quite boring.