Nice to see you're curious about who I am! That's pretty cool!

Above, yeah, that's me!

Behind the dashing good looks and fat rimmed glasses is a die hard linux nerd and weekend project worrier.

I got in to IT when I was studying at the American School of Bombay and was inspired by my Tech teacher Mr. Laub who taught me the basics of how the network at school worked, as well as Savio from the tech desk who patiently explained every answer to my questions. If it wasn't for moving to India and these people, I don't know where I would be now.

My big break in to IT was after I finished school in 2018, I worked at Focus International, in the warehouse picking client orders.

I know, you're wondering what Ellesse shirts and creps has to do with IT, well, this job provided me with the money to purchase servers and a 48U server rack.  From here I really started to learn linux, and moved my daily driver over to Linux mint to force my self to learn things. I'm not sure why I got fancy monitors for my computer when I spend 90% of my time in a terminal window, but eh

Moving on.

I had to enroll in education till I was 18, so I decided to go to technical college and do a Level 3 BTEC in IT.

I absolutely hated it, it was a waste of my time and too basic for me so I dropped out after 3 months and got an apprenticeship at a break/ fix company in Potters bar.

This was for sure the worst year and 4 months of my life. Every day going to work was depressing. The company didn't give me the ability to actually progress so I was stagnated.

I quit lmao.

I was head hunted by a company in Texas that deals with the cloud as a Junior systems administrator - Mind you, I never really wanted to touch the cloud. I wanted to go in to NOC or DC OPS.

Well I got the job after an interview with Delivery and then the CTO in the UK.

Since then I have had a title change to Cloud engineer and I am slowly learning my way around GCP and AWS, with a focus on GCP.

It's now August 2021, and I'll be honest, I saw my self at this company for many years, but after doing the usual of 2 interviews every 4 months, I've decided to jump overboard and move to a new company! I won't sit here and slander the company, but: "People don't leave companies, they leave managers"

I've moved to GFT, based out of London who deal with Financial institutions. I'm starting the 20th of September, so let's see what they have in store for me!

My career goal?

Not sure, what I do know is I want to become a cloud god, start a company that is the one stop shop for any start up, we have developers, UI/UX teams, cloud engineers, you name it, we're the place to go to launch your startup!

As always, you can contract me if you want help or contact me if you just want to chat!