I wrote a post in June of 2020 about installing this super cool application called your spotify

If you didn't join us in 2020, let me give you the rundown on what your_spotify is

It's an application that runs on Docker containers that poll Spotify's API to get information about your current listening, and then build dashboards around them. See below photos

How to install and use

You will need the below to be installed

  1. Docker
  2. docker-compose
  3. git

Once these are installed, check they are working

Run the below in the command line:

➜ docker -v
➜ docker-compose -v 
➜ git -v  

You should see a similar output to the below

➜ docker -v                                   
Docker version 20.10.17-rd, build c2e4e01

➜ docker-compose -v   
Docker Compose version v2.11.1

➜ git -v  
git version 2.37.0 (Apple Git-136)

Your versions will be different, do not panik

As this is an application that connects to an API, it will need to be able to Authenticate to the API.

If you want to learn more about an API, go here

Spotify part

Navigate to https://developer.spotify.com/dashboard/applications

You will need to login with your Spotify account

Once logged in, click on create app on the right hand side

You can name this anything you want, but it's reccomended you call this something like Your spotify or your_spotify so you know what it does if you ever have issues

Ensure that you read the T&C's and ensure you're not signing away your first born by accident

You should now be greeted by a page similar to the below

Click Edit and paste the below values in to their respective fields.

Field Name Value
Redirect URIs http://localhost:3000/oauth/spotify/callback http://localhost:8080/oauth/spotify/callback

Should look like the below

The Docker part

Now that the spotify section is done, we are able to create the actual application

On your computer or server, git clone the GitHub repo.

Something to note, if you are on windows, you may have to install git and the git cli. Please refer to the official documentation

Open the terminal (Or command line on windows)

git clone [email protected]:Yooooomi/your_spotify.git

This will download the files to a folder called your_spotify where ever you ran the command.

Open the file called docker-compose.yml

I suggest you do this in an IDE like Intelli-j or vscode (Or vim if you're hardcore)

Edit the lines below

      - SPOTIFY_PUBLIC=__your_spotify_client_id__
      - SPOTIFY_SECRET=__your_spotify_secret__

You will need to replace these values from the ones on spotify.

Navigate back to the Dev Portal, select the application we created, and on the left hand side, locate the credentials.

They look like the below

These dont work, dont even try

Once edited the lines should look like the below

You can now run the docker compose command

docker-compose up -d

the -d runs this in the background if you were wondering

You can now navigate to localhost:3000 and are greeted with a login page

Once logged in, you need to authorise your account to access the app.

Once that's done, you're all sorted!

Listen to some spotify and boom, now the page should look something like the below